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The real man blog is a blog written by a man for man. Always open to hear about new stories from you. We make a place where a real man can find the answers to many different topics. “How to be nice with a girl”, ‘How have the best anal sex’ and many more. You go ahead and read some.  Most of the publications are with adult content.

Our visitors are people traveling to Netherland for business or holiday and local citizens too. English speaking men between 18 and 60. Mostly gentlemen from the USA, England, Netherland, and Germany.

If you have an article you want to publish on our blog, get familiar with our guidelines first.

  1. Your publication has to be an interesting topic. Nice and fresh.
  2. The topic has to be for an adult.
  3. Your content has to be unique(not published anywhere else). We don’t accept publications from other websites.
  4. The minimum of the lens on your publication has to be 600 words. If your topic needs a longer body, we can still publish it. The minimum required is 3 author’s pictures.
  5. We don’t accept publication which is an advertisement (like a review of products, or services).
  6. Content has to be in good written English.
  7. You can put one link to your blog or website if is not redirect to our competitors or porn websites. The link has to be in the body of your post.
  8. Updates of the post are required. If you want to make some updates of your publications on a real man blog just contact us. We will do that for you.

Once we publish your content you can not ask to be deleted.

How to apply for publication:

  • First, contact us about the topic you want to write about. We will guide you.
  • Send us a link you want to put in your publication. We have to inspect it.
  • Once we review your content and approve it. We will contact you for confirmation to publish.
  • You can contribute as many publications as you want if they are covered these guidelines.

What do you want to share with our visitors?

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