How to have the best self confidence with a girl?

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How to have the best self-confidence with a girl?

How to have the best self-confidence with a girl? Let’s go to the meaning of the words self-confidence – believe in yourself.

When you listen to the words “self-confidence” what is your first association? Cowboy going in a brothel- full with hookers, shooting around with a massive gun and holding a bottle of whiskey?


Yes, this is a good example of how to get a girl with the best self-confidence, but many years ago.

In the present day, it is different.

Self-confidence means- you to feel good where you are.

Feel good in what are you doing, how are you doing and whit who you are doing it. In this article, we talk about self-confidence with a girl.

Let’s get in one example. You are in the club and the dream girl pops up on the bar. With a beautiful smile, amazing face, and body. You just become an ice cube in her hot hands – in your dreams for now. Every time when we want something really strong we get excited. That way in a situation like this we have to come down.

First, you have to do Is be relax. This is based. From this point, we start to build self-confidence. To relax and the thing about sex is not easy. Everybody can find his one way. This cough is alcohol, drugs or other methods. Don’t forget where to stop with them. They can make you too much come down and you will not have power or whatever to make something forward.

The best way is to breathe and the thing for something nice that makes you feel relax.


Once you get to this level is time focus on your goal. Your goal can be different.

“Having sex with the girl you like”

“Make the girl you like your girlfriend.”

“Tonight you are Businessman traveling to Amsterdam.”

“Porn star looking for new models. “

This, of course, is a joke. You can be anything you want, but a lie is visible, don’t forget that.

The goal depends on you. This is your wish. Create it in your mind with details. As many details, you create that much close you will be reaching it.

All right! You are relaxed and you know what you want.
Keep breathing!

Let’s focus on details because there is the right way.
The details are a reflection of your ability and dreams.
One very mixed-sex fantasy. Fantasy because you still working on it to make it a reality.
Yes, you are not different from other men. You want to go grab the girl you want by the hand bring her to the toilet having the most erotic sex with her and never see again.
You want to take her for dance full with erotic that makes every other woman around get wet. Not exactly the same but very close to your fantasy. Am I right?

The point is: this is the details you need to go to action. If you find some of the fantasy easy for you. This the way to have a self-confident with the girl.

Wow, so far so good.

You are the man and nothing can stop you get what you want. The Girl is yours. Do you know why?
Because you know what you want. You know how to get it. You relax and ready for everything.

Every worth you pronounce sounds so real. Every move of your body shows how strong you feel. Controlling your emotions is your hobby. You know how to extend the minute in an hour and shrink an hour in a minute.

The eye contact you make and constantly hold, makes the girl open her soul. She is ready for you to be open on the right page.

If you ever feel like that with a girl, that means you have self-confidence at that moment. Girls love a man with a strong aura.

If you never feel before like that you still have to work for it. Self-confidence is not a gift, you have to practice. Practice means to go out of your comfortable area every time you have a chance. Don’t be afraid of that. This is the way you rich perfection.

Once you get these skills you can make a girl do everything for you.

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