How to get a girl in the club?

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Girls in the club

How to get a girl in the club?

How to get a girl in the club? Six things you have to remember about approaching girls in the club.
Like every normal man on Friday or Saturday night, you go out in the night bars or clubs. Most of the time are to have sex or just show of with your sexuality.

In this article, we will go true 6 important steps to have sex with a girl you pick up from the club or just one-night stand. Getting escort girls is easy, just pick up the phone and say your address and is perfect plan B or sometimes plane A.

Let’s start with the first one.

1. Scan the girl!

There is a different girl. Every one of them has a different mentality. Before you approach her you want to know something about her mentality.
Let’s get in deep because this doesn’t make sense for you.
First, you see in one girl is clothes.



Let’s say…. The girl you want to approach is to dress up with a red dress, red shoes and of course red lipstick.

  • What do you think? What is her mentality? What’s the best way to approach?

That’s the question you have to ask yourself before you go to her. Be sure about this girl- she wants attention, she wants to be seen by everybody. She wants to be the star of the night. If you want to have any chance with her. You have to be the star of the night as well. Why? Simple as that. This is the reality.

The clothes of the girl are very very important. If there are sexy- short skirts and high heels she wants attention. Are you ready for that?
This doesn’t mean other clothes are not sexy. Everybody has a different test. You can be attracted just from single detail like the manicure of the girls- color, shape or size. The point is- the thinks you see are giving you directions on what to do next.

2. Second, on our list is her body.

We can not talk about the shape of the body. This is absolutely different for everybody.

Sexy for me can be model size- 180 high, 50 kg, 20 years old, size of the breast double B. Blonde long hair. Blue eyes. For you may be sexy is short girls with curly hair with green eyes. Mine be the shape of the body and the physical characters are the first things to get our attention, but we are talking about how to get a girl, not how to choose. A choice is yours, we can help with advice getting it easier.

3. Ok, you choose the girl. Part three is on the way.

You know somehow what to expect of the way she looks like. It is time for you to take a step forward. It is action time. You have to go and make a conversation. This may be a crucial moment. There is no second time for the first impression.

If she has a girl with her. Maybe they are very good friends and when put together. The possibility to be a bisexual couple and waiting for you is very small, don’t dream about it, but if that happens congratulation on the amazing threesome that is waiting for you.

Back to the point, if she has a friend with her this will be double pressure on you. There is a Pressure because you have to make a nice conversation which will interact with everybody and slowly to concentrate on your wish. “Take the dream girl home or in the hotel room with you. “

Most important is to be your self. Of course, you can play any games you like to play. Games mean to be in any role you like to be: traveling for a business gentleman, rock star visiting the city all the way from Canada and ….

All right you start conversation everybody is the impress of you. Step four drop like is hot. Find something similar to talk about with a girl you want – your life or whatever. Be creative and good luck.

How to get a girl in the club?

This is the way to get in her brain and slowly in her wet bikini.
Be sure with every step we talk about the things starts to be very concrete about the girl atmosphere and everything around you. Just be your self and follow the guidelines.


How to find the things you want to speak together that much for both of you? So easy.. Start with music. Make a compliment about the way she dresses. Ask about what she is drinking. There is your answer. If the topic is where you are in the right way. Be sure, till she is smiling and enjoying your jokes or your speech you are the man.

Are you excited? We are going very close to it.

5. Step five! Make a physical touch.

The most simple and easy is to have a dance with her.

How to get a girl in the club?

Nothing you can fuck up. Just see how she reacts to the songs that are playing and be sure you like it too. Next is just to go for it and invite her. On step five you can see how far you go. The way she dances with you will show you what she wants from you.
One thing! Very important if she refuses to dance, don’t give up. This doesn’t mean anything. Maybe she doesn’t like to dance or you didn’t choose the right song.

Physical touch can me just to assist with your hand to stand up from the bar chair. Like every gentleman will go for women.

6. Step six – “could you go to bed with me?”


You are free to ask this question straight like it is, but most of the time you will get unsatisfying answers. Before you ask for what you want and go to the point you already know the girl in front of you.

If she is an open mind, you can be more straight. Or she is more shay you can do it with a joke. If you see she is ready, that means you make perfectly everything in the first five steps, you can just grab her hand and go with her where ever you want.

You go so far, here you are alone with her. If you are your self all the time and she enjoys it, you will not have a problem to find out how to get to the point.

Don’t forget again- rejection doesn’t mean you fail. There is always plan B. Just pick up the phone and order escort girl for you. It can be very different reasons for it that you can not even think about it. Just keep self-confident like all the time till now.

About how to have the best self-confidence with a girl, you can find out Real Man Blog.

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