Girl- how to be nice with her!

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Girl- how to be nice to her!

“What the girls want?” No, we are not gods. We can’t answer the question.  We just have experience with girls and will give you some tips for principles you have to follow to be nice with a girl. All the girls are different: black, white, old, young, different nationality, girl you spoil in the club, escort girl, wow the list is endless. But don’t forget they are girls.

Your goal can be different. Having one night stand, making a relationship (girlfriend) or whatever. This is your wish and your goal. If you want to have a nice time with a girl this article is for you.

Number one we call it “The first expression ”.

The first expression is very important and doesn’t forget you don’t have a chance to replace it. Yes, the girls will scan you from everywhere. Your grooming, clothes, hairstyle, very important- your shoes and so on. Every detail on you will make the picture, she will never forget about you. This is the first expression.

Remember her name from the first time and call her by name.  

It sounds funny, but it’s happening. Sometimes we have so many things on our mind, but we have to be the focus and be systematic. Imagine you have to introduce her to a friend and you forget her name. You don’t want to be in a situation like that! Using her name will make her feel very special. Use it of course, not so often.

Making compliments to a girl.

Do you have imagination? Here, you will need it. We will say what girls like to hear. How to say it is your choice.

Shoes are very important for all the girls. If you find out she has nice shoes you won’t make a mistake if you mention it.

Manicure is something else girls will like if you notice.

The hairstyle of women is an important part of her vision.

You can make a compliment for anything she is wearing, doing, talking or looking.

Yes most important is the way you say it. To make a compliment that will make her yours, you need self-confidence and imagination.

Make the girl laugh.

Most of the playboys say: if make women laugh, she is yours, if you can’t you need money. This is thru and not sometimes. If we talk about money is better to book an escort girl. You will have the best experience. The money you will spend on the services you will receive will be unforgettable. Spending money on a girl to spoil her is a very dangerous investment. You can read the difference in it here.


Make her laugh is the way. If you not a showman or comedian don’t go too far with your jokes. Make a few but at the right moment. Girls don’t like stupid jokes and jokes about themself are very dangerous. You never know what’s going to happen. Remember that.

Make the girl feel secure with you.

 Girls a tender creation living in a man world. Not every woman is strong enough to effort everything around here- we talk about everything now. The point is to make her feel safe. She has to feel you, like a person who will take care of her. Don’t take it wrong. Don’t kill anybody to protect her. Just be on her side and support her.

Be a gentleman.

 For some people maybe this is something new. To be a gentleman is simple behavior. Open the door for her. In the restaurant, in the bar, for the car or your hotel room. This is a very nice simple movement that shows the girls’ attention.

You are in the restaurant or in the bar, let her order first. Ask her, if she needs assistance. Simple thing is, to open a bottle of water for her.

Make a nice conversation with the girl.

Finding the right topic, to talk about with a girl is mandatory. Believe it or not, if you fail in that surprisingly, she will have another meeting for the day or emergency message from work.

The best technic is to be patient. Slowly she will show you what is her interests and what she likes to speak about. Then it is your turn to step in confidence in the conversation.

Advice for your real men: don’t lie. Late or soon you will be exposed.

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