Fetish escort-10 most common fetishes

What is Fetish escort? 


The simple answer is- affinity to something. Our escort agency is offering a huge list of fetish escort services in Amsterdam. We are an agency with a strong name in Amsterdam paid love market. We know what we talk about.

Fetish is the moment when you are getting horny by some particular objects or acts. These objects or actions are making the receiver of fetish service over-excited. Sexual desire is going on top levels and this is making the pleasure much higher.

Fetish is not something wrong. This is normal human sexual desire. Every person can have a different fetish or even more than one.

A lot of people make studies about fetish. But here in Amsterdam, this doesn’t matter. You are in the country where paid love is legal and our stunning professional escort girls will satisfy all your sexual desire.

Here is the list of fetish services we are providing in Amsterdam and a lot of cities in the Netherland.


10 sexual fetish by My Escort Amsterdam

Foot fetish

This is the most famous fetish for men. A lot of gentlemen are obsessed with foot fetish.

This is affinity to a ladies’ legs. Some people are excited from long legs, with nice and soft skin, whit white or brown color. Man likes to fondle the girl’s legs with hands or any other objects.

Some men like the shape of the foot and fingers. Our escort girls are with excellence grooming. All of them with a professionally made pedicure. Foot fetish often associated with liking and kissing girl’s feet.

The most common desire with a foot fetish is the footjob. The footjob can be received with massage oil. Our girls will find the fine why you like it.

Tits fetish

Every man loves tits, but some of us love more than others. Tits are a very important zone from women’s bodies. Mostly tits fetish is associated with the size of tits. Some men like big tits others smaller. Some men prefer natural breast others with silicone implants.

Most of the men with this fetish like to dedicate enough time of liking kissing and massaging girls tits.

The most common escort fetish services you can have is tits fuck. Rather with massage oil or not, tits fuck is giving a real pleasure for men. Especially with big natural tits.

We have a huge catalog with girls that will fulfill your tits fetish with huge delight.

Ass fetish

The strongest sexual fetish for every man. This is again a very strong erogenous zone from women that needs special attention.

Mans like to watch the shape of the ass. Some like Brazilian, other small asses. Watching the girl naked, bending over, walking in the room or any other position you like is part of that fetish.

Touching the ass, fondle, massaging, kissing, liking is are the most common parts of ass fetishism.

Our escort girls are with hight hygiene habits and you will feel real pleasure tasting her ass. Be sure she will enjoy too.

Boots fetish

Affinity to women’s boots. Boots with high heels, letter boots, different color boots. It depends on your desire. Boots fetish is somehow part of foot fetish because of boots it’s footwear.

Men like to see the girls naked or with underwear and with boots. There is very often part of BDSM fetish as well.

Some guys like to lick them with in a fact is going to domination fetish.

Having sex with an escort girl wearing boots is part of this fetish.

High heels fetish

Girl with high heels full fills a lot of man desire. This fetish is very familiar with boots fetish. The difference is that high heels looking more elegance.

Beautiful and sexual girl naked or with underwear wearing high heels in your room is not a problem for our agency.

High heels fetish is the service we deliver to a lot of our regular clients.

Ladies Socks fetish

Every 2 of 10 men have this fetish. The classic for this fetish is associated with black women’s socks. The ladies socks are footwear accessories. That makes it part of foot fetish. Ladies socks making an accent on ladies legs. This fetish is receiving visually. Most of them are very soft and nice for touching as well.

You may like to undress the lady’s sock before the sexual act or enjoy sex with the stunning girl wearing ladies’ socks.

Some men like to wear ladies socks. This makes them horny.

Ladies underwear fetish

What is more sexual than the ladies’ underwear. This is sexual excitement with certain types of underwear- thongs, bras, pantyhose or different items. Some men get excited by observing the girl with that specific underwear others enjoy dress themself.

You can have an affinity to a specific color of underwear or the shape of it. Usually, a man likes red and black underwear with lace.

There are letter accessories that give more accent on ladies underwear.

Hair fetish

Some man has a fetish to the girl’s heir. Now we are talking about how the girl looks like and especially her hairstyle.

Fetish to short hair, long hair, blonde or dark hair, curly or straight hair. All of them are part of hair fetish.

Men like to fondle ladies’ heads and this feeling they get may satisfy their fetish desire.

Other men like pulling lady’s hair true sex act. The most common sexual position to satisfy this fetish is the doggy style position.

Role-playing fetish

When your partner is an acting role through a love game this is a role-playing fetish.

The roles can be different, depend on you fetish- doctor, teacher, house-wife, schoolgirl, nasty girl, a prostitute and many more.

Any of this role needs special equipment like clothes, underwear, and other accessories.

To get the full experience of role-playing fetish you need professional escort girl. My escort Amsterdam agency work with girls with a lot of experience. Every girl is an expert in different roles. If you want to satisfy your role-playing fetish just ask to discuss it with our operators.

Anal fetish

Fetish to anal sex is one of the oldest fetish in the man world. Starting from Rom and evoluted in nowadays mode in Amsterdam.

This fetish is about who is the receiver and who is the giver.

More often the man is giving and the escort girl is the receiver. Not all escort girls accept to have anal sex with the client.

Other men like to be a receiver in the anal sex. This is their’s fetish. They receive orgasm from anal penetration. Our girls have penis bells to satisfy this man’s desire the best way you like it.

There is a lot of information about anal sex.

Fetish escort agency in Amsterdamam

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