Escort services in Netherland

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Escort service to Den Haag

Escort services in Netherland

Welcome to Netherland. The country where escort services are legal. As an escort company establishes several years ago we are proud to say that we deliver to our costumers a high quality of services. 

Our escort girls are specially selected. We work with them for a long time and we establish very good relationships with them. We know what they are doing and how they treed you. Depend on your demands we will deliver the best for you.

Because we are a professional escort company we are expanding the area where we working. Yes! Amsterdam is our main stage, but we are making escort services in several towns as well.

Escort service in Rotterdam

Escort services in Rotterdam. 

Rotterdam is the second big city in Netherland after Amsterdam. With a population of more than a half-million. Rotterdam is attractive for a lot of businesses in Europe. A lot of people are traveling for business there. Like everybody a normal person the businessmen also have needs. Needs we can satisfy. Don’t forget we talk about escort services. Once you are in Rotterdam, you can visit the gallery with the girls and choose the right one for you. If you are not sure you will get what you need, just contact us- starting to chat with us. We will guide you to the right choice. Your privacy is mandatory for us.

We also supply other cities in Netherland with an escort service. 

Escort services in Utrecht. 

Utrecht is a city with millions of citizens. Just because Netherland is not so big we are delivering escort girls from Amsterdam to Utrecht too. The same girls you see in our gallery will visit your hotel room. You have to do only one thing just start a chat with us or call us on the phone. We will respond for minutes because we are working 24/7. We don’t want to make our costumers unhappy, that why ask for the time we need to deliver.  Without traffic is taking about 45 minutes.

The next cities we expand the escort business is:

The Den Haag Escort


There is a legend about the escort service we delivered in Den Haag. The distance is 65 kilometers and usually with a car is taking about 50 minutes. Some of our drivers make deliver for 30 minutes. He las punished by us about violating the rules on the road. Still, our client was very happy about it. He gives him more tip than penalty we give him. Carmen was the girl from the story.

Zaandam escort service

Escort in Zaandam

In Zaandam, we have several regular clients. The drivers know the road.  If you are visiting the city and you feel alone and you need a quality company for the lonely night. Our girls will full fill your free time. Just start a chat with us.


Coming new cities…..soon

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