Escort girl – the best way to enjoy her?

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Escort girl – best way to enjoy her?

Escort girl – the best way to enjoy her?

It is time to get to know the reality. How to enjoy the company of an escort girl? Very easy. You have to make the girl feel nice. This is the key. In the article below we will go through the most important moment when you dating an escort girl in Amsterdam or anywhere else in Netherland or all around the world.

The first and most important is hygiene. Yes. Before you date with your escort girl dedicate enough time to make your personal rituals for the best hygiene level.

This will make you relaxed and be sure the girl will appreciate it. Escort girls have a high standard of personal hygiene. If she finds out you take care of your self she will take care of you. Be sure about that.

Next on our list is your behavior with her. The way you act with your escort girl.

Yes everybody is a different personality, but to be nice is something easy. This is, in general, be nice to her. Yes you pay for her services, yes you are her client and the client is always right, but not In the escort business.

Girls you order to escort agency are human beings. Don’t forget that. Like every human being, she will give you back the some she receives.

What is the best principle to be nice with girls you can find in our real man blog?

Escort services are time somebody spends with another person for the exchange of money. This is the deal. This is number three on our list.

The time you meet the girl you booked, please make your payment. This is mandatory in the escort services business. With this move, you will show respect to the girl. Of course, I will show her as well you are not first-time whit escort girls.

The next tip for you to extend the pleaser is about your self-confidence.

Having self-confidence is the main part of your behavior. Become down, don’t be in a rush there is time for everything. This has to be in your mind. If you want to be just the next costumer for her it is your choice. But if you really want to have the best time with the escort girl you have to show that you are the man who knows what he want. Once you show her that you will go to another level of communication with her.

It’s getting hot!

Let’s go into detail. Before we start we have to say, very important. “ Man gets horny with eyes, girls with ears.

No, we don’t talk about love in this article, we talk about breaking the ice. You are the client and she will serve you and this is a business. Do you want in this situation to make her like her job? Because you are her job now. How you can do that:

-having a drink the time she is dressed in erotic underwear. A short conversation follows with erotic massage. Believe it or not they know how to make the best massage. This how you will make her relax and she will give you some back. Relaxation and pleasure time with her.


– if you have a jacuzzi or bathtub is a wonderful place to open a bottle of Champagne or bottles of wine.

– Go out and have dinner together with her is a very good move. You will have enough time to spend with the girl to get to know her and break the ice.

– go to the bar having some drinks together is a very good choice too. Here is a gap, you have to think about it. Control the drinks of the girl and yours too. The alcohol makes the atmosphere nastier but the border is short. You won’t feel when you get drunk and screw it up your night.

This list can be endless. The limit is your imagination and you desire. The main point is for you and her to enjoy it.

Yes, yes till now we make a very nice erotic atmosphere. But it is time to enjoy sex with your escort girl.

If you think we will teach you how to be God in the bed you are mistaken. This is coming with a lot of practice, sometimes is not coming at all. That way not everybody is a porn star.

We will give you just some advice only. Ask a girl to start with the message: tantra massage, body to body or just erotic massage choice is yours. In this part, you will see how you succeed until now. If you really make her enjoy her job at this moment you will feel real pleasure.

Something else you don’t have to forget is your real abilities. Don’t try to go thru all kama sutra. There is a lot of accidents in history. Yes, escort girls are professional but maybe you are not. You know your skills.

The last tip is to tip the girl.

Yes, the amount depends on you. This is the way to show appreciation and be sure the girl will remember you. Next time you will have special treatment from her. 20 euro or 100 euro the choice is yours.

This is special advice collected from a lot of clients of agency and the girls working for us as an escort. Enjoy yourself and be yourself. Keep calm and book escort girls with us now.

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