Escort etiquette

If you are not so confident or you are using for the first time the service of an escort agency in Amsterdam please read the escort etiquette. Here you going to find everything about the service and what to expect before and after.

Hello and welcome the most trustworthy and secured escort agency in Amsterdam. Her you going to find elite models with high-class manners and adulation. Amazing girls totally committed to there clients. But do you know what to expect exactly from the escort girls in Amsterdam and do you know how to prepare and act with them?


First of all, you need to check the website of My Escort Amsterdam. Choose the most suitable escort girl for you, contact us and make a booking. After that, we will call you in your room for confirmation and then we will send the chosen of you lady to your address or hotel. Do not hesitate to ask any questions about the escort service and girls. Our operators will help and lead you to the right choice. They know very good the girls and the service they provide but at the end of the day, the last word belongs to the clients of course.

The ETA after the confirmation in Amsterdam is 25-30 minutes depending on the traffic. For the city outside of Amsterdam, it is depending on how to fare you are located. 

Escort etiquette with escort girl.

Lady is on the way and you need to be ready for her. Respect that she is doing her best for you and you can do the same. 

Take a shower shortly before he arrived. Make sure your room and the shits are clean and smell nice. You can ask at the reception for a clean towel for the escort lady so she can take a shower after the service or you can do that together but for sure you need clean towels. After the escort girl arrived you must pay the right amount via the agreement between you and the escort agency in Amsterdam.

The lady

will explain how is with the service according to the restrictions of the Netherlands. Please listen to her carefully and respectfully. You can offer her a drink like a real gentleman, but don’t push for it if she refused. Not everyone lady drinks alcohol. 

The service is always with

protection via the restriction of Holland. 

When the lights fall down you have to be very relaxed and make the lady feel confident and safe with you. This is how you going to get great service and satisfaction. Escorts in Amsterdam are providing better service when they feel that the person next to them is respectful and treat them with kindness. 

If everything going well between you and the lady. You need to be prepared for 60

minutes of an amazing experience. 

After two of you have a great time together you can have a shower. 

You change the towels right?

Be a real man and provide the Amsterdam escort girl to the exit. She won’t forget that next time when you meet her.

To the next time guys.

We are exempting you back!