Erotic massage

Erotic massages in Amsterdam or even in the Netherland.

My Escort Amsterdam agency is proud to present to you our erotic massage services.

We carefully select our escort girls working for us and we make them training about our company standards for services we offer our clients. Erotic massage is taking a big part in our client’s desire.  All the girls working with us have the skills, to give the best erotic massage experience. They know all the massage technic to give all erotic massage types on this page.

My Escort Amsterdam agency is more than happy to satisfy our client’s desire for the best erotic massage.

Best erotic massage service in Amsterdam

Hotel erotic massage

After a long day full of stress it is time for some pleasure. Erotic massage in your hotel room is one of the famous erotic services in the Netherland. Our girls will be in your room in 30 minutes if you are in Amsterdam. How to order escort girl for erotic massage in out of Amsterdam you can find out on our city page.

Erotic massage on your address

Our professional drivers know very well all the cities. Amsterdam. Rotterdam, Den Haag is a very often destination. A lot of local citizens are our regular costumers.

Erotic massage is very often just the foreplay for sex pleasure. The client book girls for massage and they can not resist to the sexuality of our girls. Tru massage sessions the girls create a “bridge” betwine them and the client. 90% of erotic massage sessions are continued with a minimum one more hour sex services.

Blonde sexy lady with sexy black dress

How to book an erotic massage?

My escort Amsterdam is the leader in Netherland in erotic massages services. We have the most professional girls that make various types of erotic massages. Here are the massages you can book from us:

Tantra massage:

Translate from Sanskrit language Tantra means: “Making a connection(unite)” Tantra massage from our girls is not like any other tantra massage. It is level up.

You like the receiver of the massage, you are not a giver. Your part is just absorbing the pleasure the girl is giving to you. The massage starts with creating a connection between you and the girl. She will take care of your full relaxation. Slowly she will start infusing sexual energy to your body with every touch of your body. You have to be focus on pleasure.  Tantra massage is not a sexual act to bring you to orgasm. It’s a message that will give you full relaxation of your body and your mind.

Tantra massage for a man or Lingam massage?

This is referred to as the same object. Lingam means a penis. This erotic massage is generally to stimulate your erogenous zone with massage technics. Our girl will use technics to bring you extreme pleasure with testicles, shaft, perineum and external prostate.

Tantra massage for women or Yoni massage?

This massage is for women. To get the full experience of it the receiver has to be in full relaxation and just enjoy the pleasure. Our girls will stimulate your erogenous zone with amazing technics to bring to full relaxation.

Tantra massage for couples:

If you are a couple and you want to bring your relation sheep on a different level – the couple massage is for you. You will bring your sexual in intensities to your limit. Two of our amazing escort girls will dedicate enough time to make you relaxed, forget about reality and enjoy your night like never before.

Nuru massage or Body to body:

Nuru or body to body is some massage technics. Nuru is the name come out from Japan. It means “slippery”. This massage technics give a lot of pleasure to a client. It starts by taking off the clothes of the client and masseuse. She will make oily all your and her body. Slowly she will start rubbing her sexy shape to you. You will feel all the curves of a real escort girl. Most of the time this massage ends up with a very passionate sex act.

Four hands massage:

Four hands massage is one of the most sensual technics when we talk about erotic massage. Four hands massage services from “My escort Amsterdam” agency will walk you true real pleasure to real satisfaction. Two of our escort girls will make your body oiled. With full synchronization between, they will engage your body. If you ever try normal massage imagine four hands massage. Pleasure is double and beyond.

Prostate massage:

This is a pleasure for real men. The prostate is the most sensual part of the erogenous dot of the man’s body. This massage is giving relaxation, pleasure, satisfaction to your body and your mind as well. It starts with outside massage of the prostate and slowly our girls will make it tru your anus. The orgasm you will have will be nothing to compare with. Our girls know exactly how to approach this sensitive part of your body. At this moment experience does matter. You will understand why when you try.

Happy ending massage:

Happy ending massage my consider like a different part of our services or you can consider as a part of each one in that list. Happy ending massage is on your choice. Every message our escort agency delivers to our clients is with a happy end.

Sensual erotic massage from a hot escort girl

Regular massage:

Massage for every day, every part of the day. There is not a specific technics to do it. It can be full-body or to a specific part. It depends on your desire. Regular massage is with a happy end.