Work With Us

“My Escort Amsterdam” – escort agency is a trademark with established company rules and standards. We are making the best selection of escort girls for our clients. We define the best escort services that the real man needs and deliver the best experience for our costumers. Our costumers are mostly people traveling for business or holiday with high standards for there lifestyle.  To keep them “addicted to us” we improve our services every day.

All the girls working with us know all the company services and company roles.

If you are a nice looking  girl between 21 and 40 that love sex, living in Amsterdam and you want to work with us:

How to start work with “My escort Amsterdam” – escort agency, step by step:

  1. First, you have to do is to contact us: by email or telephone, the choice is yours. The first impression is very important.
  2. Send us your real pictures. You know what pictures you need to send to get our interest to work with you.
  3. We will make a short personal interview with you. We need to know more about you and your personality.
  4. Once we know you better, it will be easy for us to contact you with the right client.

    We have a lot of regular clients and we know their preferences about our escort services. The escort girl is not only a good looking girl. We have to meet your good character.

Once we make the interview with you, we will contact you with an answer to your application in a week.

If the answer is yes:

Every man needs a different experience. If you want to give the best one for our amazing client, we want to welcome you to our family! We look further to meeting you.

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