Anal Sex

Anal sex and dreamed escort girls in Amsterdam.

What you have to know!

Dear gentlemen,  anal sex is an amazing pleasure for the man but it could go wrong for the women. You have to be really careful when you making anal sex with escort girl either your wife or girlfriend.

This page is to guide you about good practices in these services.

Does escort girl in Amsterdam do a-level? 

Like a professional escort company, we have some observations about this topic. We can say in an average of 7% of the escort girls give anal sex to clients, like a service.

First, you have to know: If she does anal? You can have it if she doesn’t is useless to ask for it. She won’t do it anyway, Evan, for extra money. Don’t waste your time just enjoy her company.


The best practice is to ask the operator to guide you. He or she will find which one is the right girl. We know our girls in perfect detail, and we will share them with the information you need to know.

If you are already with escort girl in your room and you want to extend. Your time with her and receive anal pleasure, just ask her. If she is ok with that, you can ask for the price.

The girl always has the right to refuse the client for safety reasons.


How to book escort girl for anal sex:

Check out our list with the girls we work with. All of them are giving these services. When you ready with your choice contacts by the phone, what’s up or chat choice is yours. We will arrange everything else. Your privacy is our priority. Our girls are professional, and know-how makes your desire come true without anybody else to understand that.


On the bottom of the page, you will find a gallery with escort girls doing anal sex.

Anal sex positions will bring her pleasure too.


The wild riders. 

This position is one of the most safety positions you can make. You are on the bed, and the girl sits on you backward. This way, she controls movement. It’s very nice at the beginning. The girl needs some time to get used to it. Especially if your penis is above the average.


The rider. GFE

In this position again, the girl is on top of you. The difference between “wild rider and “rider” is just that escort girl facing you. Now you will have more flexibility to enjoy every move and participate more in the act. Still, most control of the sex is in the girl.


Doggy style. Most popular position. 

This position has a different variation. With pillow or without and many many more, it depends on your imagination. The girl is backward to the man on the knees and bends over. Man is on his knees too. In this position, almost all the control is in the man’s hands. You have to be careful with your movement, gentlemen. If you are a good lover, you and the escort girl can enjoy wonderful pleasure.


Furrow. Ass sex with sexy escort Amsterdam.

Dear gentleness. This position will give you the real pleasure of anal sex. Make the girl lie down on the bed. Grab her gently for the ankles and push her legs close to her head. In this position, you can make the movements with your body, and sometimes you can control her body very easy. This anal sex position will turn you on so much and will take the animal out of the cage. Please be gentleness with our escort girl.


Enjoy gentlemen.
Dark room white lingerie. A girl is waiting for anal extra escort service

Choose your escort girl for anal sex from the list below or just contact ower operators on the phone or chat to be guided. If you are in Amsterdam the girl will be on your address in 30 minutes like usual. We are open 24/7 to deliver anal escort girls for you.