Amsterdam – tourist stories

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Best hotels in Amsterdam

Amsterdam – tourist stories

Released my potential in Amsterdam!

After some hard weeks with a lot of stressing work, I had to disconnect and recharge my batteries and what better city would help me do that?

I was back in Amsterdam for the weekend and some fun was on my list.

While being abroad for some days I met an old friend at an airport, we chatted and cached up about the old days and he told me about his new business. He told me that he was starting an IT company and he showed me his business card, the business card was one of those you can fold out and make a chair out of, I love these and the impression they make, So he was reaching for his wallet to hand me one of them, when he took it out something else went along with it.

It was a black package with a plant logo and the name SLAMR, I thought the design looked really nice and asked what that was. He told me that “This stuff here will make you go all night, It is a sexual enhancement supplement for men with the goal of making your d*** harder, Make you last longer and give you the possibility for multiple sessions, It is natural and it tastes okay.”

He handed me the package too and told me to give it a try.

I looked at the package and wondered if this was the real deal or not, On the back of the package I saw an instruction on how to open it and consume it but also a web link to their homepage. I looked it up and starting to read about it.

It said ” The effect of SLAMR can contribute with: Increasing the chance for a harder and longer-lasting erection, Increasing your ability for repeated sexual activity, Enabling a longer, more intense orgasm, Increasing excitement and energy during intercourse, reducing the risk of premature ejaculations and increasing the sexual drive.

SLAMR is not about making sex a better experience for you, although we do that really well. SLAMR is about so much more: it’s about ridding yourself of limiting beliefs and showing what you’re truly capable of. In other words: Releasing your potential.  And when you realize that, it changes everything.”

So I decided that I would give this a try in Amsterdam, who does not wanna release their potential in Amsterdam?

When I got to Amsterdam, I had booked a room in one of my favorite hotels and I was contacting a few of my favorite escorts through to know them that I was in town.

And I booked a meeting with two girls, to really test out this product, First up was Scarlet and two hours after was Delinda booked to come.

I read on the SLAMR website that the product would start to work 30 minutes after consumption, So I opened the package and swallowed everything, it had a cinnamon taste that was not bad and I went to take a shower.

After my shower, I got a text from Scarlet that she was down at the lobby, I gave her my room number and she was shortly knocking at my door.

She came in and i could immediately feel that things were starting work in my body, I felt an excitement that I have not felt in years, I was truly impressed even before actually starting.

After some nice foreplay, I noticed that I was even harder than I usually am and I felt like an animal, I guess my actions reflected on that as well by the sounds Scarlet made. I have never experienced a reaction like this from a girl before and I loved it, It made me feel like a king, unbeatable and instructable.

We finished up and Scarlet left.

I was still super excited and ready for more even though I had just an amazing experience, this never happens these days, I was shocked. Usually I get tired and wanna relax after, but not this time so I was glad that i had booked one more girl for the evening.

I love this city!!!

I jumped in the shower again to clean my self up, When I got out it was still a bit time before the appointment with Delinda, but I was so excited that I could not wait, so I texted her to ask if she could come sooner and she told me yes.

Delinda texted me when she was down at the lobby and I gave her my room number, She knocked, and the same procedure as last time started.

I had noticed that the effect had cooled off a bit so it felt more “natural” this time. But it still got me going good.

I was impressed by my own performance as well as this product, I would definitely recommend this if you have some problems or if you just wanna give that extra kick.

The day after my exciting day, I ordered myself a box of five packets from their website, because this was definitely not the last time I was going to use this product.

So check it out yourself. Thank you Amsterdam and people who make my weekend great.

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